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My gig display keeps dissapearing from the search after a couple days

I have noticed when I first put up my gig for guitar lessons that when I looked up guitar lessons I was on the new and recommended lists. Then after a few days I do a guitar teacher look up again and I do not see me gig there, even though it is still active

There is 70 people in a “guitar lesson” search. There is 800 people in my space. I have found that the system is not just based on ratings and activity. It also seem to randomly rotate the listings. That is a real big problem in the logo design space where there is 37,000 people with gig offerings.

You will need about 5-10 reviews to get started and about 100 completed gigs to get off the ground.

Have you considered offering the first lesson for free. Your business will be repeat customers so it may be great to help someone get started with a sample. You also could work in an intro video and really show your personality and how easy you make it to learn to playing the guitar.