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My gig do not show search result after editing. Any one help me?

Previously My gig did the show *Graphic Design> Photoshop Editing this option.

But now did not show my gig this option. My gig show only by typing the Gig name.
But why?

I am contact FIVERR support. But they are saying that “everything is ok on our side as well on yours. You can search for your Gigs with keywords or by typing the Gig name”.

The buyer will not only the search by my gig name. Then my gig buyers will find out how? I’ve been doing social media marketing for the past one month. But the result is zero.

If it has a good solution, then give it to me.

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Hello there,

I have experienced similar problem with my gig, just contact the customer support they’ll help you to bring in the search results. seems you contacted support but try once again with clear description with screenshots

There must have been some problem with search technology indexing at fiverr.


Thanks wphipster
I contacted them 8 times.
Then try again so you said.
Thanks again