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My gig does not appear in first pages and I am level two seller

My gig does not appear in the first pages and I am level two seller. Now within two months, I have no orders because my gigs do not appear in the first pages. I don’t know why is that? I have good rates and more than 70 reviews. Please help me.


Fiverr is rotating gigs and your placement in search is not permanent. We all are going through it from time to time.
I did 1k+ orders but my gigs are not even in search right now, but it’s only up to you to keep your repeat buyers or get orders from marketing or any other channels apart from fiverr search algorithm.

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Do you know for sure that they rotated the gigs?

Well, nothing is “for sure” in this universe if we are going that direction.
But yes, I’m sure, fiverr CS is saying it themselves and there is a part in TOS that says the same.

Sounds like you’re sure, then.

There are many thousands of Level 2 sellers and less than 50 spots per page. If you do the math, you’ll see why your assumption that you should rank on them is wrong.

The best seller with fast delivery, good response rate, and quality jobs always keep the first-page spot. When I mean fast delivery, the final job and modifications have to be delivered within your given delivery time.