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My gig does not appear in search

I have a new gig that is alive since February 15, 2018, but even if I search for the keywords of my gig I can’t find it in the search results.
This is the gig that can’t be found even if people will search for the related keywords.

There are also no impressions for this gig due to this error.

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Because you are new one fiver whenever you get reviews or level then your gig may be shown on the top

has nothing to do with the fact that I’m new here, I have another gig that can be found in searches (and I don’t mean in the first results, I checked all the results even the new arrivals, but nothing) if I search for the keywords related to the gig.
The gig that I mentioned before can’t be found at all, and this is the reason why I have no impressions on that gig (on the other one I have), so I guess that is a system error.

Try and use buyers request page. Get some good reviews and see what happens afterwards

use buyer request. send 10 request everyday