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My gig does not appear in the search box

Hi, I have a problem and maybe someone can help me.
I had a successful gig in the field of H.R. That was until 2 weeks ago when suddenly the orders disappeared. The gig appears active, if someone tries to look for me by name, they find me (that’s the only way I receive orders, from people I’ve worked with or recommendations from them) the main problem is that I no longer appear in the search box.
If someone is looking for a resume / CV on fiverr, there are 22 pages with 48 people each (from page 5-6 there are people who do not have reviews I have 160), until 2 weeks ago I was on the first page, now I don’t appear at all. Virtually no one can find me if they don’t look for my name. Also, even tough I promote my gig with 90 C / click (for my section it is recommended by 65 / click) I have in the last 2 weeks IMPRESSIONS 0, CLICKS 0, ORDERS 0, SPENT 0, REVENUE 0 I would understand not to have orders, but to have 0 impressions is practically impossible and from my point of view there is obviously an error somewhere.

I practically became completely invisible to everyone except those who are looking for me exactly by name.
I must mention that I have a rating of 5 stars, Response Rate 100% Delivered on Time 100% and Response Time 1 Hour.

It would be very helpful if someone went through this or has knowledge in this regard.


Really strange, few minutes ago another seller brother told that his impression get down from 800 to 0

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Yeah this is exactly what happened to me!

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Yes, the problem from my point of view is not that I have no impressions, I can restart and rebuild but if they do not appear in the searches at all everything is meaningless.

Welcome to the rest of the people having problem with their gigs, and the seller we not have new message or sells, i have a post with something similar Check Here

Looks like many people are in the same no returning way to make sells

i got the same problem now, any one get a solution ?

You can change the title and the tags and the description may be solve it