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My Gig does not appear in the search results

At the end of a Gig’s edition, my Gig doesn’t appear in the search results, I guess it’s because Fiverr is evaluating the corrections that were made so that he can be “active” again, but my question is: how long is the Gig hidden after the edition?

It’s been 2 days since I edited my Gig and it doesn’t appear in the search results.


Do not worry it will be appear in search again it take upto 24 hrs to appear in search engine,


Ah! Then it’s not much, I thought it was more days, Thank you!

If you are old seller like me then it will take no time to appear in search engine ,
When i do editing or some change to my gig then it change immediately and appear in search engine with not time,

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Copy the title of your gig and then paste in find result there will be many start finding your gig…

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Searching for it by name does not appear. Do I have to look for it with the exact name I put on it or some words that have the title on it?

No, I’m not old, I’ve only been selling for four months.

Please contact customer care I face same problem and support fixed this nicely.

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