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My gig does not show at online


I see my profile online. and i am logged in. but when i search my gig on the search bar. then does not my any gig show online seller. anyone help me to solve it. ?

Advance Thanks.
Iqbal Hossain


Your stuff is up. Fiverr results aren’t like Google; they intentionally rotate who gets on the board.

I’m guessing your sales are trending downward. You’ve got extremely strong gigs, but you’re stuck in $5 land. There is a fair amount of evidence that low average transaction prices are being punished in the current search algorithm. I don’t see what your bestselling gig isn’t worth $25 or $50, or even more. In fact, at $100, it would be a screaming deal. If you can get your average transaction price up, I think you’ll find yourself in the rankings more often.

If you’re going to experiment with taking my advice, don’t be a pansy. Don’t put your bestseller at $15. A $15 buyer is a $25 buyer.

Best of luck to you. :slight_smile:


Basically it is online when you check your gig


You can contact Fiverr customer support, if gigs doesn’t appear on search result


Thank you.
yes I know if I click my at Show online seller then show online gig, I mean, on there not showing my gig.


yes, i already contact with fiverr support. but they can’t give me any good solutions.


Thank you so much for your support. you are my inspiration.


Go to Settings and click Show Online


use another browser , example, if you online in chrome , then just open mozila or any other browser and go to fiverr and search your gig, if you your gig is new , then wait at least 48 hours