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My gig does not show up in fiverr searches

I made a gig on social media designs and I know as I am newbie my gig will never be first page. But I went through all pages and still wasn’t able to find my gig on any pages 700+ gigs took me 20 30 mins. Check in new arrivals, online users, and every way I could but my gig wasn’t found anywhere. What would I have done worry please guide me.

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How long ago did you create it? If you check stats, are you getting impressions?

Thanks for your reply, really appreciated.
The gig about a week old now, and I got no impressions. That when I got feeling that my gig isn’t showing up in searches so i checked and it wasn’t there in all most 700 gigs. It active gig you can search by link of gig. Does shows 2 clicks and 20 views.

It might be for several reasons, then. I glanced at your profile, and noticed you have a Behanced URL in your gig. Although you can link your Behanced account in Fiverr, this is not in the approved URL list found here: under the Managing Gigs header. (Same goes for the contact info in your primary gig image.) Aside from that, why is your second image for webdesign?

First of all thanks a lot for taking time to see thought my profile. I did read that article you shared. I shall remove my behance link and edit my primary image. The second image is for a Facebook cover page. I designed for a small just started WordPress company

I do like to share one more thing. I added a video to my gig. 2 days back and it still shows under review, will take 24 hours. Its a 30 sec clip. Me explaining to show customers my communication skills and explaining about my offer.
As you saw my profile my both other gigs have similar primary images and they do have impressions 100+ now both them