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My gig does not show up in searches?

Hi, I recently made my 3rd gig i have 2 more gig and they seem to go fine, but my gig that i made last week as no impressions yet and i searched it all over but it doesnt show up without the link clicks.
If anyone can have a look at it and help me out I will be really thankful


This line makes no sense.

FREE sample included in premium offer only. However, 1 free sample available in BASIC and STANDARD package.

:point_right:I am willing to give you 5 sample design for FREE for only 1 social media account just to show you that I have capability to impression and captivate people.(These lines are included in above paragraph of my description )

5 FREE sample included in premium offer only. However, 1 free sample available in BASIC and STANDARD package.(In these line I’m referring to the 5 sample offer I do admit I deleted the 5 in start by mistake. Does it makes sense now ?).
The problem is that I did give someone 5 free samples but then he didn’t order (that is why I add this note in end later on in my new gig so only serious people will get the offer), as I am newbie so I have to have get clients to choice me even with only having around 5 years experience.
One of my freelancing teacher told me. That I should show people that I am really committed to work by a sample of my work. Is it work to do on fiverr ?

You should never give away your work for free. Your work is worth more than $0.

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I know @jonbaas, but in a competitive market like fiverr, how can I prove my work unless someone is willing to give a newbie like me a chance.
I know working for free is now good idea. That is why I joined this community to get help from some of top freelancers. Just for some tips. If you can give me a better idea it will be really appreciated

It is your job to reach out to the people who need your services, and prove your work to them. None of us here can guarantee that you will receive any orders. Gaining and earning orders is 100% your responsibility.

None of us here can guarantee that you will receive any orders.

I do agree with this point, and I am not asking for any kind of guarantees too. I just want a guideline, which I see a lot people here know, my aim is basically to learn the things (with time) and from seniors like you. Who know which path will take me in right direction.

Your best “guideline” is to have a great gig that best represents your skill(s). Then, determine who your target customers are, research to discover where those customers can be found, and then go to those locations (online or off) and convince those customers to hire you. YOU need to do this, though… none of us are going to do it for you. You need to find your ambition for success, and make it happen. You are the only person who can make you successful.

You also need to be willing to learn how Fiverr works, and how to be a great seller on your own. Fiverr already provides plenty of support in this area – you can find the links on the bottom of any Fiverr page. Don’t expect any of us “seniors” to hold your hand and walk you through everything you need to know. We have our own gigs too, and we are usually busy doing what we need to do to make us successful. You need to figure out what path works best for you, and follow it. The path I – or other “seniors” – took to success is more than likely not going to be the same path you take.

You are a freelancer. That means that YOU are responsible for researching, discovering, and experimenting what you need to know to become successful. Nothing we can say or do will guarantee you sales, customers, or success. You, your skills, and your independent ambition are the only things that will get you there. You… not me, not any other “seniors”… YOU.

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SORRY, I never meant to get in between your busy schedule of work. I know you must have a lot to keep up with. After all, you are right I should take stand for myself. I shall be careful not to post anything that isn’t of real big issue.
Therefore, THANK YOU so much for taking time from your busy schedule to tell me. The importance of self work and improvement. I shall take these points into account next time.

This forum is open for everyone to use. You don’t need to feel as though you have to limit your participation here. Ask questions, share ideas, post comments, it is just wise not to expect others to do your work for you. You have your gigs, just as the rest of us have ours. What we do to become successful, is not what you are likely to do to become successful. You need to research, experiment, and discover what works for you, because what works for you, is the only path YOU can take to success.

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

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