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My gig doesn't appear in chosen section

Hello, I don’t understand why my gig doesn’t appear on any page in a sections I set for it.
link to gig -

I set - Graphics and Design - Web and Mobile Design - Graphic UI, but when I go to Web or UI Design, my gig doesn’t appertains at all on any page. Tags and title are also well written.

Anyone knows anything about that?
Thank a lot for help,


Nooone nows anything?

Hi kingawo,

You have mentioned that your gig doesn’t appear in the chosen section. This makes me wonder if your gig even appears in Fiverr’s search/listings. Sometimes, it can so happen that your gig is not displayed on Fiverr at all. To make things a little more complicated, Fiverr doesn’t even guarantee its sellers’ gigs a spot in Fiverr’s search.

So, in my opinion, you need to first find out if your gig even appears on Fiverr. One probable reason why you are unable to find your gig when you search for it is that your gig might be showing up on say the 30th page or the 89th page of your category.

How recently did you edit your gig? In case you edited your gig recently, I would suggest that you wait for at least 2 or 3 days (after changing your gig title) before you try the following :arrow_down:

  • First, open an incognito session in your web browser.
  • Then go to Fiverr’s homepage and enter the current title of your gig into the search bar on the top left-hand side. Click on the green “Search” button.

If everything is fine with your gig, it should show up in this search result. If this is the case, it means that you don’t have to worry; your gig is visible to your prospective buyers and is listed in Fiverr’s search listings. Lke I mentioned earlier, the probable reason why you are unable to find your gig when you search for it is that your gig might be showing up on the 30th page or the 89th page. You just need to meticulously go through each page to see if your gig is showing up anywhere. In order to improve the ranking of your gig (so that it appears in the first few pages of your category), you need to constantly deliver orders and make revenue for Fiverr while also maintaining healthy stats. (without order cancellations/late deliveries, etc).

Conversely, if your gig doesn’t show up in the search even after searching with your exact gig title, you should contact Fiverr’s Customer Support and let them know about it. They will check to see if something is amiss on their end, and they will rectify any problem they find. This should get your gig back on Fiverr’s search.

Good luck!