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My gig doesn't appear in search in Online Seller Mode

Hello There, My gig doesn’t appear in search when I enable “online seller’s” options as I am online at least 18 hours a day. Before my gig use to appear on search on “Online Seller Mode” but now I don’t see it. Because of that, I am not getting any clients. I try to be online all the time so clients can contact me anytime and I can deliver projects on time without fail. Can you please help me check what’s happening.



Search algorithm rotates gig with time, I suggest you stay active on the buyer request section.

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Thank you, Yes I am active there most of the time.

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Fiverr has a secret :shushing_face: algorithm in which they move seller’s gigs around continuously. If I were to check your gig placement, I would see it in a different place than you or someone else. It can even appear in various places on the same day.

However, I just searched for video trailer, and you are on the first page 10th row.

Hello @vickiespencer thanks for the response. Can you try enabling "Online Sellers " options as I am online right now? See if you can find me there. Thanks again.

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That is what I did when I performed the search.

Thanks you so much @vickiespencer

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