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My gig doesnt appear in search

Hi i have a Video editing gig
My gig doesnt appear in the search result like for 4 days, i also copy my gig title and add some filters, still it doesnt appear in the list
My gig is the only one who provides video editing for german people
And i dont edit or update my gig
I have completed over 500 orders with 5.0 Rating

Anyone can help me?


I just checked and your gig does appear in the search

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Hey, thanks for your reply
but it doesnt appear when im searching by my gig title

If you contact fiverr support. I hope they will help you.

Fiverr has some technical issue, whenever you update gig description, it disappear from search results.

Keep changing Gig description, price until you see it in search

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Is that really working?

It worked in my case

But I knew that gig changing is so bad for gig rank

Hey thanks for your reply,

I doesn’t even update my gig. I really don’t know why my gig disappear

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I already contact cs they can’t help me

Nobody can help you in this case .

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so theres nothing i can do?

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Every time I have updated my gig, it disappeared. My advice, don’t update! I had to contact CS, if they say it is in the search and you still cannot see it, go back to the same ticket and tell them. I did that it worked.

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the problem is that i dont even updated my gig
i contacted CS multiple times they cant help me

Yes I see! I really don’t know, but I think everyone is saying that they cannot find their gigs. I am not sure why.

Hi there, few people are finding their gigs and few are finding at the last page. This is strange.
Either the gigs are disappeared or shown on the last page.

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Hey, yea its really strange my gig is not even on the last page

Exactly and it’s quite difficult to understand when it come back to its position or like before.

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