My gig doesn't appear in the search results


I am a seller and everything was going well until 2 days ago. Today is the second day without orders and impressions are going down.

I’ve tried to search my gig but it doesn’t appear in the list. It is very strange, because I have over 30 positive feedback and I share it on my socials.

I’ve added a second different gig, and in 1 day it got only 5-6 impressions!

What happened? Why Fiverr is not showing my gigs?



Contact with support
I had same problem before, they helped me
Now my Gig works right and showing in search results


i had same experience and i contacted with contact center they said “After detailed review with our editors, we can confirm that everything is fine with your profile and your gig. I completely understand your concern, however, Fiverr cannot guarantee number of sales or gig positions. If there is a drop in sales, it doesn’t mean it’s permanent.”


thanks! is there a form or an email for contacting support? thanks


just found the support area! sent a message, hope they will solve soon!



in fiverr footer, there is an option contact support