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My gig doesn't appear

I try to make a search in order to see my gig but I go through all the pages and didn’t see my gig
is this normal ?

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When you go to selling > gigs, does this particular gig show up under the ‘active’ category? If so, I don’t think it is normal. I’d suggest that you contact CS and let them know about it. They’ll be able to help you out.

However, before contacting CS, I’d suggest that you search for your gig on Fiverr from a browser in incognito mode (or in the normal browser while logged out of your Fiverr account) and type in a couple words from your gig title in the search. If your gig shows up in this search, it means that your gig shows up on the Fiverr listings all right… but only that it might not be ranking high enough, making it hard to find. If this is the case, there’s no point contacting CS.

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thank you so much
I’ll try to search again and do as you said to me