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My gig doesn't displayed?


Hi everyone! :slight_smile: I created my first gig ever, and it isn’t show up when I type exactly the same keywords, or the title into the search field. Even when I sort it out by newest arrivals I can’t find mine. Does the system needs time to refresh the database, or something went wrong? It says on my profile, my gig is active yet I can’t find in the same category.


Hello @theukeguy!!

Please mention your gig title or link of the gig so we (forum) can find out what is the problem.

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Hello bhavyamehta! Oh okay! Here is the link:


wait please , and you will see it in search


Happened with me also


The problem has been solved. I contacted the CS.



did you ever typed your gig name fully in search bar?

When I typed, Search bar didn’t allowed me to search last letter “f” of your gig title.

Check out this.

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I also have the same problem for this gig
not only that but when you search for my username it doesn’t get any results


please ignore me,
I signed out of my account and I found it when I searched :sweat_smile: