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My gig doesn't get me any work any more after I had to suspend my gigs due to personal reasons


as said in the title, my gig doesn’t get me any work any more since I have suspended my gigs for a short time due to personal reasons. I do have 100% positive rating but that doesn’t seem help. So now for people asking me here on the forum for my gig, I’ll add 200 words bonus for 5$



I just did a similar thing with my gigs because of the holidays.

I guess coming here and posting on a regular basis without advertising your gigs may help things. At least people will know you are out there.


What you can do to freshen up the content to attract Fiverr is to freshen up the title with new keywords, and switch categories around. What I do when a gig gets slow or I seem to have lost my exposure for it somehow is just to do these two things and it seems to work. I haven’t promoted my gigs anywhere and most of my orders come from people finding me on particular keywords searched on Fiverr.

Think to yourself, "What keyword would someone search when looking for me?"

I did a search for, “forum posts”. Found someone with three active orders. Your gig is actually more appealing, but since you don’t have the keyword in, no-one can find you.

Just keep them simple.

Forum posts, active poster, forum content

Things like this. Keep the keywords simple, and when people do order make sure to ask them how they found you, and try to make variations of keywords off of them.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:


hey, @freelancemm , it shows you’re a SEO man, thanks for the advice. I already added the keyword and I’ll check out new possibilities.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year @belgianwriter and @freelancemm