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My gig doesn't have a click impression

I don’t have a gig click impression, what to do in this situation. I regularly promote gigs on social media. I am praying for help from my elder brothers and sisters in this situation. I’ve been in this situation for a long time, but I don’t understand anything.


Spend more time and active as much as you can at the Fiverr and Fiverr forum. Do gig marketing and gig sharing on social media. Hope it’ll work.


Sharing on social media does not mean you are able to get more impression, clicks or order. Do some manual work! You need to do proper research before making a new gig. Here are some steps you should follow! These steps will increase gig’s overall performance!

Do proper keyword research
If you are going to make a gig on a high competitive keyword, then I bet it will not rank. Find some low competition keywords. Also, find some related keywords to use them in the tags option. Remember, these keywords should also be low competitive.
Fix These Keywords in Description
After completing keyword research, now the time arrives to fix these keywords in the description of the gig. First of all, write a killer description. No need to write long stories. Just tell about your skills, specialties and why you? While writing the description, add the keywords in a natural way! No Keyword-stuffing otherwise your gig will be deranked.
Upload Optimized Images
Use all the gallery options eg upload images, videos, presentations, and pdfs. They make your profile more trustable!

At last, be patient and no need to overkill the things. If you are not getting orders, then simply focus on your communication skill and build a strong portfolio! Improve your skillset and polish yourself more and more.

Hope for the best!


Have you read this thread yet?

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