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My gig Doesn't rank


hello all friend i am meherun nesa…can you help me someone to give me some tips about how to rank my gig?


If you type “rank my gig” in the search bar above you will find several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.


First thing first; make sure that you make your gig descriptions tags, title and images are perfectly in balance and than SOCIAL MEDIA- Market your gigs on social media…
:slight_smile: That’s all - Don’t rely on fiverr alone to get some work- treat it like a business.
And this is how you will solve your GIG RANKING ISSUE- Remember its not just one factor that influence ranking.


Try updating keywords of your gig


thank you dear…for your suggestion


yes dear already i try it


everyday i share my gig all of my social account


That’s good - Keep it up the work !!


dear can you please check my gig?
if there is some lack than suggest me…
thank you


Suggest you do not address others as dear, sister, brother, mate, buddy, etc. as lots of people don’t like it and it will put many buyers off.


okay dear,
again thanks a lot


Find perfect keywords for your gig description


Share your gig on social media :slight_smile: