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My Gig Doesn't Show Any At All


I’ve only one gig on Fiverr because I paused the rest. I plot romance novels. Earlier yesterday, I searched and found my gig but later in the evening to this morning, I can’t find my plot on any of the pages. There are only two pages of this type of gig so it’s not that I missed it. How can clients order if they can’t find my plots? WTW! What do I do now? I checked and my gig is also active.


Don’t be afraid my friend it’s just a system issues, wait for few days it will be on air again OR check your gigs sections it might be on PAUSE. :slight_smile: good luck.


Gig is not paused as stated above. Is this something you contact Fiverr Support about?


Alright then yes do contact the Fiverrr Support they will help you out! :slight_smile:


If you’ve edited the gig that might be the issue, when you edit a gig it won’t appear until fiverr team check it