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My gig doesn't show me active but I'm online

Shows me Active on Fiverr but doesn’t show me green sign with Fiverr Picture. And searches my gig but shows me inactive there

My account link;

My gig search link:

So, What can I do now?
Anyone help me to give suggest


I’ve reported the same issue to Customer Support and their response was:

Thank you for the information provided I will make sure to forward all these issues to the relevant team. Rest assured that they are already looking into this and this should be resolved in the near future.

It occasionally works, but usually after several hours after log in.

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But it is now not show me online ,can you check my profile?

hi , just checked your profile and it says you’re online

Please,Can you check my gig and check online am I?

because there gig is not showing me online

Your gig shows you online but my gig doesn’t show me online. What’s the reason?

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I don’t know the reason. But when I searched for your gig on the dashboard it showed up online

Thanks dear .
the problem has been solved

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How you solve this problem?

You can check your gig are active or inactive !