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My Gig doesn't show on search results

Dear Senior,
I created a Gig 7-8 days ago. But doesn’t show on search bar. So I sent a message to Fiverr Help and Support . The message was it. They sent me a message. Please see the photo . And help me what can i do, Sir


Please help me sir i can’t understand anything.

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What about the message do you not understand? Ten business days means you still have 4 days to go for them to respond.


Will i send message to them again?

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I got the same issue with my gigs, my gigs are quite new so I´ll wait another week, but somehow it seems strange that they are not listed at all.


You have to relax and carry out some personal search before you put yourself into panic.
Try searching keywords you used in your description or category


Check your gig content & images. if all is ok then you can contact support again.

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Make sure to maximise keyword use in the gig description and title. This is something that happens to loads of sellers if they aren’t using correct keywords. It’s nothing to worry about and completely normal. Your gig may be coming up but on the end pages and this would because you are a new seller and haven’t got any reviews yet so make sure to keep your gig up to date with the correct keywords for the niche you are targeting.


No. Do NOT send another message. The auto-generated message told you to be patient, so, you will have to be patient. They will respond (with a human response) when they are able to do so.

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Ok. Thank you very much, Sir.

Ok, Thanks you very much sir

Thank you very vuch, Sir

I have same problem what can i do

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Just be patient and for their replies.

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Dear, Do you have Auto refresh System on your Browser? For making your Gig Active All Time When You are on your Computer.

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No problem i have also this type of problem. Be patient :sleepy:

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Sorry for late reply! Yes, sir i used auto refresh system on my Browser.

Thank you very much, Sir

Thank you very much for your advice, Sir

That’s a great advice :wink: