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My gig doesnt show on search


i have created three gigs in all but the problem is even after making sure to use the right tags, my gig doesn’t seem to be found when i search for hem. and that is limiting my chances of sales. how can i fix this and increase my impressions.


I am also having same problem. I can find it in newest arrivals. But I can’t find my gig in relevance category.


You should wait some time . it happend to me too .but after 24 hours it got fixed . just wait ! :grinning:


I have fund it take48 hours to appearin the search results. :dizzy:


How about this?
You promote your own gig to 8 million people, get a few orders and then we’ll see how effective your service is :wink:


I have already promote my gig and i got 2.5k impressions in just 5 days.


You can have 1 million impressions, but if your conversion is 0 then it’s useless


that is perfectly true. A high impression with zero sales makes no difference, but what then do you suggest


how many have you sold


mine has exceeded 48 hours


@mentor335 Your gig for business plans is showing on search, first page first line:✓&source=top-bar&locale=en&search_in=everywhere&query=%20write%20all%20your%20business%20plans

The problem is you don’t know how to find it.


You haven’t made a single sale. I would be limited in what ‘advice’ you attempt to provide. You don’t look very smart when you 1) advertise in someone else’s post 2) Promote that you will make someone’s gig viral, when YOU’RE OWN GIG doesn’t have a single sale in almost one year.


thank you very much for helping. but i think the 48 hour rule applied


My account is old but i place a gig only one month ago and i have 2.8k imp


Just checked again. You still haven’t sold anything yet. What do you think is wrong that 2.8k people refused to purchase your services?


Interesting, he’s also an SEO & Social Media expert. :thinking:


Is this self-proclaimed?


Take a look at his profile, maybe he knows the magic sauce. :no_mouth:

@manojkumar503 can you enlighten us more. How did you do this amazing thing in just 5 days?


I need to see a screenshot of the one week impressions.