My Gig doesn't show up on Fiverr search? I won't get orders?


Hi, I’m a new user here in Fiverr, and I have posted my first Gig a few days ago. I’m just wondering, why doesn’t my Gig show up when I search for it? I use the same keywords that are in my Gig title and it either shows me other results (none of them my Gig), or it says “no results found.” My Gig is: “I will create an Ink Splatter Splash LOGO or Text reveal video intro
If I can’t find my Gig, that means other people won’t be able to see it either, and I won’t get any orders. Even if I search for my username: “Kadenlg” I can’t find my profile / Gigs.

Can anyone tell me why this is happening or if there is a solution? I’m just worried because if no-one can find my Gig, I won’t get any sales, and I won’t make any money.



Kindly share your fiverr profile link?


Ok sure:


Did my profile link help with anything? What did you need it for?


Please guys any help? You can check out my Gig here:

Maybe if one of you orders it from this link, it will allow my gig to be found?

I'll create a cool Ink Splatter Splash LOGO or Text reveal video intro!

We decided to tell you the problem or not? I have the same situation, I can not find my gig on key demands …


Hi guys and girls, I have been off of Fiverr for a couple of years, used to do quite well on here.

I have just added a new gig but it also doesn’t show up in any search that I do for it?

Any ideas? Here is the URL of my gig:


Did you update your gig before it disappeared?

Oh this is an ancient post, never mind.