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My gig down and i lost rank 😭😭😭

suddenly i lost my gig rank and my gig impression is now very poor.
expert suggestion needed…


Any Recent Cancellations?

I have also facing this problem, form last 1 month no order and no new clients


so sorry to read that… Keep doing your best until you get your level again, it takes a little time to take your gig to where it was before. I’ve lost and recovered my rank at least 5 times and sure, it’s scary when you’re not getting orders, but just give it a little time

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Be patient brother… don’t worry… you will get success…


Facing the same problem. I was in vacation mode for some days one month ago when I visited my parents. Since then the impressions went down from 13k/month to 350/7days. Had the same problem on Christmas when I was on vacation too. Got 88 5 star ratings and the gig went from first to the last page now. I found another acc copied my gallery images and gig description (reported it now) but I don’t think that this was the reason for the heavy punishment. I will definitely avoid using this mode again as I think that the algorithm punishes you more than a cancelled order would. Replay worried about the next week’s…


Be patient. Try to be active most of the time. Use Fiverr forum and do Gig marketing in different social media platforms.


Try to be more active on fiverr and text your old clients
it will be helpful

Facing the same problem. Don’t worry

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i have no reasion but i Don’t know this is happening with me

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Sometimes Gig was rank down, it’s normal! if your gig not ranking down, so how can the new seller gig will up?
you can try to follow this step.

  • don’t wait for ranking your one gig
  • create a new attractive gig
  • try to manage orders from your old clients
  • do little gig marketing
  • if possible, try maximum gigs as possible to you.
  • sent buyer request regularly
    Hope it will be helpful for you!
    Thank You! :slightly_smiling_face:

Never give-up your match bro. Reply for the 10 br. Share your gigs on the social media and do everything what you can do

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this is very scary but don’t worry i am also facing the problem .

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don’t worry, be patient, you will get sales