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My gig dropped from 1st page to 10th page in just one day why :( how can I get it back on 1st page


this is my gig

I was having a pretty decent run for over 3 4 months , I was regularly getting 2 3 logo orders daily. I used to check my gig ranking on logo search on fiverr and my gig always appeared on 1st or 2nd page but in December suddenly my gig dropped to 10th page :confused: what happened wrong … I didn’t changed anything … please give some advice how can I bring it to top again …
please make my gig as favorite as well I have heard it also boost your rankings


Hard work. Hard work and good marketing can help your gig rise back to the top.

You need to earn the right to be among the top gigs. You don’t deserve it just because you have a gig. Nothing is free, and neither is success.


sir thanks for your “kind words” … I didn’t said that I have a gig so I must get order … I need advice how can I improve my ranking and get order …
right now I am not getting orders thats a issues … I happened right at the start of December before that my gig was going strong and I have put efforts in making it as well.
please give suggestions how can I improve more … I know there is no free brea in the world


Alright… what are you doing to market your gig? We’ll start there. :wink:


Am also having the same issue what are the Strategies to market our gigs?


I think your rating might be an issue to drip down your place.
If you can maintain at least 4.9 rating that would be great. 4.7 means there are few things to improve. your last 5 month you were getting 12 negatives. its really not good point. It will take few times to settle apparently. try to do best and get good reviews as possible. if you are feeling drop everything get your buyer list and send them to new year offer. send messages regarding offers. it will make 2, 3 or more orders and help to increase your place as well.


Perhaps, if you take the time to do an internet search for “how to market my business”, you’ll find a lot of great ideas. YOU are going to have to do that research. If you’re serious enough about being a freelancer here on Fiverr, you’ll gladly take the time to learn how to improve your business. It is not our responsibility to provide you with a step-by-step guide to the work that YOU should already be doing on your own.

If you’re not willing to research and work hard for your success, why are you on Fiverr? :wink:


I’m confused. Are you criticizing MY success, and instructing ME on how to be successful? I appreciate your interest in my success, but I can assure you, I’m doing just fine. I don’t need “advice” from you on how to be a better seller. :wink:


Well, I think this person is referring to the OP but only somehow made a mistake by directing that post to you.

He/she is speaking his/her own thought, but failed to refer to the right person.


Depending on what made it drop so much, hard work might have no effect on remedying the situation. I know a seller who’s gig also dropped as much, and kept working hard for well over a year without any improvement.

Though if you say you didn’t edit your gig before the drop, then I have no clue what could cause such a drop, as I have never heard of that happening :thinking: So in that case it doesn’t sound permanent, so keep being the best seller and don’t give up! Try also editing the gig. Remove a picture and add it back. Tune the description a bit and so on. And if you don’t see changes in several days, then ask support, so they can take a look at what’s causing it.

Good luck! :slight_smile:


LOL…:joy: sorry mate it’s not to you wrote in wrong comment box.:smiley::smiley:


Suddenly the room got quiet as @jonbaas stood and locked the door.


I am using Adsense to promote my gig plus on social media twitter and fb
also I am active on quota so here in there I just cheekily put my gig there

what else to do buddy … and are you sarcastic or rude :stuck_out_tongue:


thanks mahespp I also feel like that … so I definitely need some good rating to push bring it back


well I will for hard as soon as I get some … right now I feel my gig is in no mans land …
fiverr every now and then plays with it searching mechanism … like they recently introduced seo-tagline in gig … any advice on that how to make it work


do you cancelled or late any delivery??
surly you done a cancellation.
the only way to rank you in first page is work hard and give buyers more then what you described in gig description,
quick deliveries will help you to rank in first page