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My Gig Dropped in Sales,Please help and advice!


My business has stopped, I have not been able to get orders for a long time, Ever since I became a Level 2, my sales have dropped. I still get a lot of impressions, and I’m on top of my searches, but I’m getting very few orders,if someone has an idea what it is, if someone has advice are to be done in order to continue selling


Brother share you gig on social media and try to make sure your gig cover image as possible as attractive best wishes for you :point_right::point_right:


You may need to add a video to your gig, and review your gig description; although these do not guarantee sales, it may help your conversion since you have good impression.


I’ve tried that already but did not help


I tried this, so that’s not helping


I tried this, so that’s not helping


Your recent delivery was 7 days ago which is not such a long time. To all the previous suggestions, you have said you have tried but it didn’t help. You have to keep on trying and not just give up. Be patient, keep trying, and good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for support lloydsolutions


Need To Promoting Your Gig


How do you think? social networks? I’ve done, does not help


I am not a musician ,but I looked at your profile and to me it looks as if you are not enjoying your work , that being said, to promote your services maybe an example project might be featured, make a special offer, make a video on how you work, show a brief rundown on what you do any how you do it. Just a few idea to freshen up your profile and your gig offers, best of luck


Thank you very much for your suggestions