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My gig dropped suddenly from 1st page to Last page

Hello! everyone,
I am new seller in Fiverr. my account age is 2 month. And I have completed 1 order. and Total Earning is $12. my gig always on the 1st page now today I see my gig Suddenly showing is last page? What is the reason? Now my account running 0 order. How can it possible? I ask many people what is the reason. but any people don’t know the right answer. they says your performances is low. if my performances is low my gig obviously stay in 2nd page. how can it stay in last page? other seller who are services provide no review no rating they are stay in 2nd page. I hope Fiverr system will be solved their bug. Please any one help me. Thank you so much.

Gigs seem to be rotating much more than before. Before new sellers used to be stickied to new arrivals and recommended categories and rotated around only slightly. And best selling category used to only show best selling gigs.

But now all the sorting categories are a weird mix, and there’s no sense to it. So gigs get thrown to last pages randomly even if they should be elsewhere. It’s very annoying. If you for example try to find services that have more than a thousand reviews, you may need to browse 10 pages to find what you need, when all of them used to be on first page of “best selling”.

As for how to remedy the situation, there’s no known workaround. You just have to wait and maybe keep updating your gig too with new keywords. And try to do some promotions to get people finding your services without Fiverr’s help. But people usually prefer to create their own store/other site if they have to do paid promotions to get viewers in, for seo purposes.


Thank you so much :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

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