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My Gig earning Reduced from $100 to $80

I have a gig that cost $100 and the seller paid $100 but in my earning it shows only $80 for clearance why is that. Where is my other $20 gone and that also my hard works.


I also was worried about deduction. But after I came to know Fiverr takes 20% fee for their services.

omg. i dont know that. we working hard to get the best outcome and the fiverr getting 20%. thats not fair

Welcome to the fiverr machan !

actually this is extremely fair.

Fiverr have a team to pay, a platform to sustain and update, taxes to pay, expenses to pay (like servers, energy, rent, salary). Everything has a price.

Fiverr provides you a multimillionaire platform, so if you think that it’s not fair, maybe you should think a little more.

Fiverr can charge the % they want. If you think you aren’t earning enough, just raise your prices. What matters is how much YOU WILL EARN, not how much fiverr earns.

By the way, you should read fiverr’s Terms of Service, then this 20% charge wouldn’t be a surprise.

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Thank you for the described reply…

It’s fair!!! you are doing your jobs on Fiverr’s platform!!

i got the answer so thank you everyone. no more replies please

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