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My gig experience

Please i need your advise i have my gig up and running for long now haven’t gotten an order. Please can someone review my gigs and tell me what i need to do to stand a chance of getting orders. Please is very important .

If you want the forum member check your gig then kindly attach your gig link on your post description . :grinning: .

And You can check the fiverr tips category.Check out this also .Hope it will help you . :grinning:

In the “Write an article…” gig:
Check the spelling of the gig description & FAQ. eg. “5years” should be “5 years”, the word “i” should always be capitalised. If it’s a writing gig, the buyer is likely to be checking the writing in the gig description etc.

Also part of your gig description and one of your FAQs seems too similar to another seller’s gig description/FAQ.

For the “I will paraphrase, proofread and edit your 1,000 words” gig:
Check the line that says “Costumer satisfactory or money back guarantee” and the line that says “Order now let do the magic together”.

For the resume gig:
The description seems too similar to another seller’s resume gig.
Check the line that says “DO YOU WORK WITH EXCUTIVES?”

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