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My gig expression is deceasing constantly i don't know why?

hello all please give me a solution for this my gig expression is deceasing constantly every day due which i couldn’t get order automatically, i get orders only from previous buyers and from buyer requests .


Someone Is using your Details and Thumbnail of your Gig, Therefore you are decreasing day by day

how i can find that person who is using my details

Search your all tags or Title on fiverr
and find out there who is he/she?

i have’t spent much time on fiverr as you did but i experienced too much as a Pakistani

i will do that but how you can say this may the reason? have you ever experienced the same? or something else

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Yes I have seen many time

Then whats the solution for this i mean if i find some one using my details how i will solve the matter then?

First warn Her/Him to Change details if he/she not agreed than Report Them

If you have proof of this then perhaps you could PM @anis_graphx to let her know which other seller is doing this please? :slightly_smiling_face:

It happens a great deal - the ebb and flow of Fiverr - there doesn’t need to be a specific reason for it.


If you are not getting new orders , as i think you have to change your Own detail ,Title and Tags

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that’s the problem i can’t find a specific reason for this

i have tried every thing but no results

Change some of your Details and wait for some days

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To me, i think the among of traffic you get could determined. How? are you still active with your fiverr plan. Like promoting your fiverr gig link on social media sites and forums.
Note, if you are less active with promoting your gig link, your viewing impression will drop which effective your order.
Solution: try to be active online promoting your gig link, it help with clicks and views

i hope this help, even if some one copied your details if you are active promoting your link, you will have more views.

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I am new arrival but I am a little But Experienced I think You should Rearrange the tags in your Gig, thanks!

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