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My Gig Extras Won't Save, Checkmark Disappears

Hey guys,

I’m having a lot of trouble adding extras to my gigs. Just for context I’m a graphic designer so my gigs are all related to that field. So here’s what happens:

As a level 1 seller I can have up to four gig extras but when I try to add them the changes don’t save. I write the description of the service, put how many additional days it will take, make sure the box is checked off and then hit save.

Once it says “Changes Saved” under the save button, the checkmark disappears from the box and no extras are added to my gigs.

I have no problem adding the source file and extra fast services that Fiverr now has built in but any of my custom extras won’t save.

I’ve also had extras work before on the same gigs that are now giving me trouble.

Any ideas?

I’m having the same issue…

This has been like it for a week for me, I can’t get passed the Pricing page. Everything looks fine But the save button is in Gray.

same problem, i save my extras and they just dont save and appear unchecked again…

Same problem here. Can’t save any Extras on any of my Gigs. As I can see on forum, this problem is an old enough but there are no solution yet. Tried several different browsers, no luck :frowning:

same :@

true… support sucks…!

same here2

Why isn’t this being fixed? Same issue here.