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My gig fell down after i edited it


Please can you belp me what i have to do now, cos my gig day after day went down when i searched.

I edited it 5 days ago and everything goes very bad now. My impresion are too low for this gig and decrease say after day
I really appriciate your support.
Thank you


keep on sending buyer requests, also keep using this forum so that impressions get stable.
all the best:+1:


As far as i know, editing some contents of the Gig will make your gig disappear on search for few days till the editors approval and once it got approved it will not be in the same place due to missing views, clicks & impressions of few days, there for it will go down.

It will take some more days to come to the previous place, but you can make it fast by Sharing your gig to Boost more traffic


Do you know how impressions work? :thinking:

Using the forum or being active on the forum has absolutely NO EFFECT on your impressions. You only get impressions when your gig shows up on Fiverr’s listings/search pages.


well thank you for the info


Think of Fiverr as the Disney movie
This will give some good insight to how the algorithm works. Your gig island needs to be started up again. Or it could have landed up in the land of the forgotten gigs. Joy or Bing-Bong won’t save you though.

Seriously though you can edit everything but the title and gallery and it does not have an immediate effect on your gig


I think sometimes it’s better avoid giving an advise when you are not sure if that’s the wrong or right advise.
What you are recommending absolutely doesn’t have any effect on the impressions.


Send Offer to buyer through buyer request


its completely against TOS to use buyers request to promote your gigs.

Buyers requests are for BUYERS to place their requests, not SELLERS promoting their gigs.


Thanks. Please can you explain better, how can i use always the forum?


Thanks… to bo honest i really worried about.