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My gig gallery is completely changed!


Since I started working on fiverr, I’ve been using mockups in the moment of delivering so it looks appealing in my gig’s gallery.

But recently I noticed that all my gallery is changed and instead of the mockups I used, there’s different images that I sent to the clients for printing or preliminar JPGs just to show before delivering, not for showing on my gallery!

And now my gig gallery doesn’t look good at all, it’s all messy and I think that’s the reason my sales had decreased so much.

Do you have any idea why this happened and if I can change that?

Thank you so much in advance!


Can we have a link to your gig profile?

Of course!

The first 3 pictures are not your original pictures you uploaded?

Your original gallery photos are first three, the rest is what YOU select when delivering order to be representation of your work. You select what is order portfolio image on each order, not buyer or Fiverr.

Yes, they are. But the rest (the ones from past orders) are changed.

I always attach one picture of a mockup in my deliveries and I chose it to be displayed in my gig’s gallery. The rest of the files go in a zip folder.

But now all those changed and instead there are images that I sent to my clients for show before delivering, not for showing on my gallery.

Then this is a bug, report this to CS.


Yes report to CS as said by @marinapomorac

I will. Thank you, guys!

So? Usually we like to hear feedback followup of the situation so others know how to handle this. What did CS say?