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My gig get only 1 IMPRESSIONS 24hrs

since I’m new here I have only two gigs one is working good but another is just got 1 IMPRESSION in24hrs and its get 14 clicks. please clear my doubts or give me some tips to make my gig perfect.

Define perfect?

Yesterday I have created this gig. The gig got only one IMPRESSION ! my question is that, is there any problem with my gig or this is normal?

Impressions etc. aren’t in real time - give it a few days to see an increase in the views etc - have a wee bit of patience! :grinning:

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Well I’m not sure about your definition of “perfect”, however, in my opinion, the perfect gig is one that reflects on what the client wants and what you offer in comparison to what other gigs offer. Making it sparkle as so to speak.

But I don’t think there are any issues with your gigs, they may need more advertising or sponsoring I think, try and get your gigs out there through social media websites, like, facebook and twitter :3

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