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My gig gets denied because I don't manage to put the right category for it


Hi all,

It’s been the fourth time my gig is denied by Fiverr because I use the wrong categories. However, after navigating amoing similar gigs, i haven’t succeeded in finding the right category.

Here is the subject of my gig : I’ll get you 500 followers yo your Facebook fanpage.

I used those categories: fanpage, social marketing, online marketing, others.

And Fiverr can’t stop telling me it’s irrelevant.

Please someone can help me about this ?

Thanks a lot,


I’ve heard that such Gig are denied by fiverr because these Gigs does not follow the TOS of other website (Facebook). I’m not sure about it. Why don’t you submit a ticket? they’ll fix this issue.


Yes, You’re right.

I’ll try to do so.

Thanks for your quick answer.