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My Gig gets Impressions and clicks but no sale

I posted a gig on Fiverr and it has only been one week. The gig has received over 60 impressions, 14 views and 10 clicks but no sale. Does anyone know how I can turn these clicks into buyers? The gig is about article writing.

Read the forums for tips and check out Fiverr Academy but most of all be patient. Some sellers take months to get their first order.

Hello ysalim,
i saw your gig , you are doing great,
if possible then add contents in point instead of a paragraph ,
will it help ? yes definitely help ?

Add points like - What will you get ? or benefit of my gig !

  • point- 1
  • point -2
  • point -3

Like this ,
And do Enough analysis before posting new gig
Check this tips .

I am facing the same issue, getting impressions, clicks, views but no sell. I read several topics and improve my gig details, pricing carefully but no hope yet. I don’t know why my gig is not getting any sell, even I don’t know is it happening only to me or other facing the same?