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My Gig gets no new sells after first sale

My Gigs don’t get sales. I offer Gigs in website creation and website speed optimization. My first sale is a few weeks ago and I waited for it 8 months. The buyer gave me 5 stars and a good review but I didn’t get new sales.

I optimized my SEO and image. I don’t have many friends who would buy my gig and I don’t have a big social media following.

What can I do or what am I doing wrong?
Please Help

Does no one have any tips for me? :confused:

The same is happening to me. Even my first client was happy with my work but he did not leave a review for me. It’s the worse thing. First happy client but no review. Don’t worry. It all starts with first sale. :slight_smile:
Wishing you Good luck.

Thank your for your Reply!
It’s kinda sad that you wait and wait 8 months to get the first sale and you do the work great and get no more sales. I had so many different gigs with different seo strategies, I even thought of running facebook ads to promote my gigs.

Yeah, you should try Facebook ads. Be online more and you need to use the tab “Buyers Request”

FYI, I did not wait for 8 months. I started as a seller in January 2020 and hit my first sale on 11th Day because I was responding to Buyer’s Request :slight_smile:

It such a coincidence, I got today a new sale! The buyer was happy, I hope fiverr will pick it up :smiley: