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My gig gets removed 2 good times


I recently joined Fiverr a couple of days back. I created my first gig which was writing of recommendation/reference letters. I received my first 2 orders and I delivered as expected. After some days, I noticed that I wasn’t receiving any orders. I decided to use a different browser to search for my gig and see if it would pop up, but lo and behold, my gig was nowhere to be found. I edited and edited the hell outta my gig, including the tags, description, title, etc to see if perhaps it was due to some wrong description. Everything I did wasn’t still helpful, my gig wasn’t still showing in the search… Next thing I saw booom!!! A message from support team “Your gig has been removed due to third party violation, suspicion of fraud or spam”. I became really shocked and felt really sad. All my hard work and efforts have been thwarted. I pondered and wondered if perhaps I did anything wrong to have deserved this, but noo!! I couldn’t find myself guilty. I messaged CS and up till now, I haven’t gotten any feedback.

Ok, I had two more gigs. One was writing of cover letters, while the other was Letter writing. So I decided to edit the letter writing gig and use it in place of my recommendation letter gig that was removed, once I was done with the edition, it got removed this time at the speed of light. Now I began panicking. I have done nothing wrong to deserve this for crying out loud. My descriptions are very unique and my gig picture was even my own personal picture. So what third party violation are we talking about here.

Again I then decided to create a fresh gig this time. After I was done, I waited for a good number of hours, and then I logged in a different browser and searched and my gig is still nowhere to be found. I logged in back to my account and checked my gig analytics, and for over 24 hours now I still have 0 impressions, 0 clicks, 0 views, 0 everything.

Now tell me, what have I done to fiverr to deserve this kind of frustration. I seriously need help.


How can you write genuine reference letters for people you’ve never met?

You’ve got a gig titled: I Will Write High Quality Recommendation Letters
You say you can write a character reference - how?

If anybody were to buy your services and use your letter to get a job etc. they would also be committing fraud. How could you have that on your conscience?


But I do not see anything wrong with writing a recommendation letter for someone. The buyers I write them for give me the necessary information I would need to put in the letter, and all I do is assemble them in a professional manner, using better descriptions that would make them more convincing. Just basically proofreading. Anything wrong with that? Of course not.


The whole point of a letter of recommendation/reference is that it comes from somebody who genuinely knows the candidate. Not made up by the candidate themselves and rewritten by you.

If you can’t see that then there’s a problem - sorry.


I am obviously not the only one offering this service, there are sellers who have over 70 reviews. So why then are their gigs not removed?


Some gigs have been there for quite a good number of months now. And even till this minute they are making sales. So why would mine be different.


This is the biggest “comeback” people use when their gigs are removed. Usually, Fiverr just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. With millions of gigs and limited effort they can devote to moderating them, often it’s just a matter of time before those gigs come down.


But those offering these services aren’t in millions. They are just about 6 or 7 gigs that offer these services. So why didn’t Fiverr take them down as well. They have been operating for months now.


Exactly. With so many “banned” gig categories, it’ll take a while for the review team to hit upon those 6 or 7.


Ohh…Really? I never thought about this tho. How about cover letters, are they also bad?


Of course yes. A recommendation letter must come from the previous employer. Job agencies check the validity of such documents, the so called Employment History Verification. In my country a false attestation is considered a penal crime, punishable by imprisonment from two to six years.


Am shocked! like really really shocked


You’re shocked that committing a fraud isn’t allowed, and is punishable by imprisonment in some countries?

That’s like saying: “Hey, those guys got away with robbing a bank, it’s not fair that I got caught after doing the same and that I have to go to prison!”


If you’re shocked that fraud is illegal, perhaps you need to reassess your goals.


Clearly there is a market for almost anything. We call that “Capitalism”. It would be unwise to call other sellers scammers just because you do not agree with – or understand – the services they are offering.


Jonbaas be truthful to yourself please.


I am always truthful. Integrity of character is part of what I strive for each and every day. If you wish to be successful here on Fiverr, you should strive for them as well. Trying to sell recommendation letters for people you don’t know is not a sign of integrity, nor truth and honesty.

Please do not try to call out other people, when you are the one being dishonest in the services you are trying to sell to others.


Fake cover or recommendation letters.
Believing in casts & spells is your own business, presenting a fake recommendation letter to an employer is not.

If you wish to help others write CVs where the buyer provides you data and you make it more presentable then go ahead.


Ok…Thank you very much for your honest responses. I really do appreciate.

But what I want to make clear here for you guys to understand is that, I ain’t the one doing the recommendation. I don’t give fake recommendation letters. All I do is collect the information my client has given me and organize it in a more presentable manner.

For instance if a student asks a high school teacher for a recommendation letter to submit to a college, and perhaps the highschool teacher isn’t experienced in writing recommendation letters or prolly doesn’t have the time to compose one, He or she simply gives me all the necessary qualities of the student, and vital information about the students behavior or any other relevant details about the student. All I just need do is simply assemble these information in a more presentable manner and acceptable format and send back to my buyer. My buyer simply cross checks my work to see if what I have written has clearly met his or her taste, and if yes, then that’s it. I get my pay and go.

But you are making it sound like I am the person who is actually writing the recommendation letter with fake exaggerated attributes of the whom I haven’t even met before individual Which is not the case. Do you get my point?


Ok dear… I understand you. But I am very honest. I am really sorry for doubting your honesty tho.

You are mistaking my services for fraud. Which is not the case.

See the new message I just wrote for more clarity okay?