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My gig gets thousand of views and clicks but only a couple of sales (new)

Hi there, im Brian.

Im a new seller here on Fiverr, and my expertise is graphic designs, especially logos.
But im wondering why I get ALOT of impressions and clicks but nearly any sales.
I have been keyword searching and really taken my time to write a good description/profile

Really hope someone can take a look and give me some feedback

Kind regards


Sometimes people browse and “favorite” their options, so the sale might come later. Check if you’re “favorites” number (the heart above your gig) is increasing. Not everyone buys right away. Most might be checking prices to put together a budget. Others might be drawn in by the lower Basic gig price, but it doesn’t cover everything they need and the Standard and Premium are out of their price range, so they’ll just keep browsing for cheaper options.

Lots of different reasons.

Based on my own experience alone as a buyer, there are times when I search for sellers, “favorite” the gig that I want, plan/prepare my budget, then come back and buy it when I’m ready - sometimes months later.

As a seller, I have clients who contact me and ask me for prices, etc, then they disappear. And months later I’ll get a message from them like, “Okay, I’m ready!”

I would also like to add that logo design is a VERY competitive field.

good job, be patient. Have a great journey.