My Gig getting impressions but no sale


Hi,My gig is getting more impressions & clicks.But no sale(No orders) getting.
Anyone can tell me your suggestions to my gig.
Thank You…


I recommend improving the visual appeal of your gigs. If you are getting clicks, but no sales, this might indicate that people are taking an interest in your gigs in the search results, but don’t like what they see when they load your gigs. I can’t comment to what they may not like, but I can encourage you to, perhaps, develop better gig descriptions. Right now, your descriptions are extremely sparse. Use up the available space. Use that space to sell your gigs (sell = promote). Work to ensure that when people click and load your gig, they stick around a while and learn more about what YOU can offer them.

Present yourself and your service(s) well, and you’ll see more sales.


Thank you …


I find it hard to order because it asks for an amount and at the same time says that box is optional. I can’t complete an order. That might be why you get views but no orders.


There are so much nice people in Fiverr:slight_smile: