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My gig goes to denied can i delete my id for create new one?

hello fiverr community, a few days ago I got the job of a ********** client, after completing all his work successfully, he reset his site taking backup . Then he blackmailed me to cancel the order, but I did not cancel the order. He gave me a report and my gigs were denied. No solution was found by contacting support. Can I delete my account and open a new one? Note: - I verified my account with my nid.

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Why do you want to delete your account? If it’s because of the warning, just make new gigs that don’t break the ToS and don’t do things that break the ToS.

Can’t help any further without more details.


my account is currently restricted for warning. i’m not able to delete or add new gig. can i delete my account and create new one for solve this problem.
Note: - I verified my account with my nid.

Ah, in that case:

I would recommend you wait for Fiverr’s decision. It might take a month, but since you’ve already verified, you would need CS’s permission to create a new account anyway.

Did you break the ToS?

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thanks a lot mem…