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My gig goes to end page

Hello, I am on fiverr since 3 months and having good sales throgh it since created some gigs. Usually my gig always appeared on first page of my category. But since last 1 week its downgraded to the end page. I don’t know why? All the tags and seo of gig is perfect but it happened. My sales are also affected. Does any one experienced this situation too or having some solution.

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Because there is a rumor that fiverr giving a “boost” to new sellers to give them a chance to get some sales but afterwards it all goes to normal and your gig positioned among others depending on your performance and if there is someone else doing better than you they will be positioned in front of your gig.

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Thank you.
But i got 11 positive 5 stars review. And i see old gigs having 2 or 3 reviews on first page.

Look, there are people with 500 positive reviews complaining that their gigs on the last page so how is that compared with your 11 reviews? :wink:

Fiverr Algorithm rotating all gigs trying to get fair chance to everyone, you had your chance and boost at the beginning, you got your reviews and orders (which shows that you probably providing a good services and invested time into creating attractive gig) but fiverr wouldn’t always bring you clients, fiverr never promised to put or keep you on the first page you also need to work hard to get your clients

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Fine. Thank you :wink: for your precious time :watch: