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My Gig got 5.6K impressions and 1.5K views but no sells


Hi there everybody. My gigs has lot of impressions and views. I am not getting sales. What is the reason behind this? I was inactive for 2 years and just started about 2-3 months ago here on Fiverr. The highest affected gig is: I will do Landing Page or squeeze page


Your last delivery was 4 days ago so just be patient. Best wishes for your success!:slight_smile:


Yep, just be patient!


Tweak your description a bit & play around for few days if things doesn’t improve & also try giving incentives for your first few buyers to get the ball rolling!


Is there any min. threshold to get the new jobs ??


Patient is one of the most important thing when you work as a freelancer. Be patient and work hard :slight_smile: