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My gig got declined after modifications, will I lose my reviews and ratings?

Hey! I am new to the forums, so I’m hoping I’m using it correctly!

My situation is that my gig got declined after I had to re-modify it twice, after the 2nd modification I got the message that it got declined. I know I won’t be able to get it back or change anything.

I am just worried about my orders, reviews, and ratings on the gig. Will I be able to continue working on the current orders on the gig? Will my reviews and ratings stay after my gig gets deleted?

If anyone knows please let me know!

Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

We are just buyers and sellers here. I’m not sure about any orders in-progress, you’d have to ask Customer Support about that. Any reviews/ratings from a deleted gig stay on your profile.

Just because your gig has been denied, doesn’t mean you should delete it. Sometimes, their “magical” system that checks images can be a reason for a denial. It’s best to contact support and see what is the matter :slight_smile: I had “Gig denied” issue 3 times in a row and every time I had to provide source files to prove that my work is my own. Support was very reactive and fast, they fixed this nuisance rather easily.