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My gig got deleted over and over again. What can I do?

I’ve been trying to create a new gig as regards email marketing, email lists to be precise but, each time I create it always got deleted by fiverr.

Can someone help.

If Fiverr deletes your gig, obviously there’s a reason behind it, and it obviously means your gig is not allowed, so there’s no need to re-create it to get it deleted over and over. You can contact Customer Support and ask them why your gig gets deleted, but I feel it has something to do with what you’re offering :wink:


I Have Same Problem :disappointed_relieved:

There is obviously the problem that your gig contains Email marketing. First of all fiverr doesn’t allow using email as you don’t have to comunicate and/or get money from buyers anywhere but fiverr and so they should prevent this chance. Second, do you post someones’ real emails to someone that want to send spam on that? That’s obviously will be the problem as it is also violates the rules.

Just Simply read Terms of Service before creating your gig. There will be Definitely some rules you aren’t following that’s why it’s happening.

Keep in mind if you keep doing this. There maybe suspension or disabling or your account.

Take Care and Good Luck!