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My gig got deleted

I already filed a report I just dont understand. I do gaming edit videos, one of my requirements was that they send me their twitch link so I can get their past broadcasts. Well apparently thats asking for peoples personal information and when I clicked on the email to modify the gig, less than 2 hours after being sent the email, my gig was deleted. I know its not much but I had 6 reviews on there, and it was my only actual gig so it kinda sucks that its gone and I have to start over again. Is there any chance that Fiverr would actually be able to get it back. Im assuming its gone forever.


I haven’t heard of them restoring a deleted gig so maybe they don’t do that. You could contact them and ask and see if you would be allowed the link you need if you explain why you need it.

If you need parts of the gig for recreation (excluding any parts not allowed) you could look for it in the Google cache (or maybe web archive if it was there but it probably won’t be).

It’s really crazy how quick they are to delete someone’s work like nothing, especially over something so simple. Why send me an email to modify my gig if they just plan on deleting it, right after they send the email