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My gig got DENIED after one month, 60 +ve rating, 120 sales I was selling facebook likes

My gig is one month old and i was selling Facebook likes and today my gig got DENIED level i dont know for what reason they did it. Contacted Customer Support They Replied

We received a complaint from a 3rd party, Facebook, and based on our Terms of Service, we could not allow for your gig to be on If you wish to have the gig back on Fiverr, please have that organization contact us directly to inform us that it no longer objects to your gig being presented on Fiverr.



It’s probably because you were selling fake likes (Bots) and people complained about it.

You can’t tell me you can guarantee 1000 in that short amount of time… and that they are real. You sell fake likes. You’ll eventually loose your gig. That’s the simple truth.

And yes. I have a likes gig. BUT… I don’t sell likes. I offer to promote someones page until they get the likes. Real likes. Not Bots.

That’s just the truth from someone who has been on Fiverr a long time. You sell fake gigs you will loose the gig.