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My gig got denied due to a third party copyright violation

I don’t have anything in the gig that could violate any kind of copyrights. This gig has been up for few months but now they have decided that it has violated some kind of third party copyright. Please explain the issue as soon as possible since it is affecting my work.


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You’ll have to provide more detail. What were you selling? What was the title? What keywords/tags did you use?

Title of my gig is ‘develop elegant WordPress website’.
I am offering WordPress setup, theme and plugin customization etc. In gig portfolio, I am using screenshots of my own work. I had recently setup packages on this gig with WordPress setup only in Basic packages, WP setup and theme customization in standard package and WP setup, theme customization and plugins setup and other things in premium package. I don’t understand what could possibly be violating the copyrights.
Even if something that is indirectly violating the copyrights, Fiverr must warn the me to change it in specific period of time, kinda like DMCA warning. So that I can have a chance to justify myself and my work. Taking something down like that, without a notice is cruel.

I’m sorry that you feel slighted. I don’t know based on your description because it’s not as clear as some. It could be a simple mistake or based on a complaint. Most gigs denied for copyright are denied because another company complained. If there was a direct or indirect violation, Fiverr does not have to warn you at all. Fiverr is a private company with it’s own policies.

You can still contact Customer Support now and ask them what went wrong. They will listen to what you say if you are very polite. If it was a mistake, they can correct it.

You will have to be patient. They have a lot of tickets to read and it can take a few days to hear back. Take care not to submit more than one ticket or you may not get an answer. I understand you are upset, but if you want help you’ll have to be calm about it. Good luck.

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hi… once contact fiverr support and tell him to active gig after active please change the contents and images . then you can continue with your existing gig :slight_smile:

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i jst see your gig you set image with website address… you make new gig but i think this gig also denied after some days so kindly change gig image with out website address
thank you

I think its based on the images I used in my portfolio. Anyway, thanks for your support. Not sure if I should start a new ticket or go through the Intellectual Property counter notification. I’ll have ti wait. Meanwhile I’ll create a new gig and see if I can continue there.

Thank you, I have opened a ticket to ask what could have possibly gone wrong. I’ll wait and meanwhile I’ll create a new gig.

Somebody must have claimed. It’s better to just open a new ticket ask Customer Support to help. I am sure If somebody has claimed anything you can provide them the proofs and they will undo whatever they have done.

Another possible reason can be as the guy said the name of the website on the gig.
Do remove that as well to avoid any issues in the future.

Whenever you use an image on your GIG for portfolio purposes, always try to leave a watermark.

I noticed that you have a URL on one of your current gig images. That may run you into problems with Fiverr if it hasn’t yet. It isn’t one if the URL’s on the current pre-approved list, so if you didn’t get written permission from Fiverr to use it on your gig, it’s probably against the ToS. I’m just letting you know for your own protection since it could cause another denial.

I didn’t spot what @bhaumikpatel and @graphicxfactory wrote until after my last post, but they are right about the URL. Even if CS denied your other gig for a different reason, unapproved URL’s cause denials too.

Just create everything by yourself. Don’t use artwork of other people without their permission. There is no problem do screenshot using PrtScr button on almost EVERY keyboard, isn’t it? :slight_smile: To add a watermark as @graphicxfactory suggested would be the best combo.

Fiverr just denied one of my active gigs. (I shoot video testimonials.) From the email:

This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.

I think a buyer complained.

A couple days ago, I requested a cancellation from a buyer whom I can only describe as a MESS. He spoke little to no English, he was not clear in his instructions, he wanted to promote both an internet marketing product and some sort of fish product in the same video. Oh, and he wanted me to shoot the video “in bright palace”…

Eye roll.

What astounds me is that virtually anyone can simply SAY that a seller is infringing on their intellectual property, or misleading them… and Fiverr will shut down that gig without any investigation whatsoever.

So I could file a complaint against the seller above me on a whim, and sabotage their best selling gig. Just because. (Of course, I won’t.)

Is THIS the way Fiverr runs their business? Sellers are ULTRA expendable because where one falls, there are 5 to take his place?