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My gig got denied. Will this disable my account?


Hi! I received an email about my gig being denied. The email said ‘ * Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam’ Im super anxious. I made an honest mistake and totally forgot about it. Will they disable my account because of this? Should I message CS? What should I do?


It depends on the hardness of the term that you’ve violated. If it is something generated by system, your account will not be affected until you get 2 or 3 warnings most of the time. If you think that you’ve done something wrong, maybe you can apologize for what you done from CS. or you can just care when you create another gig next time, I got that kind of a gig deny recently and i let the CS know about that because i didn’t done anything violates ToS as far as i know about ToS. I contacted them just to know what I did wrong. since i got systematic message, it maybe something irrelevant.


my gig was something about reviews and testimonials. Im afraid that if its something system generated if i contact the CS, it will make things worst for me


Maybe or may not. It’s your choice. maybe if you don’t contact CS the things will worst than you do. :slight_smile:


Since you’ve acknowledged your mistake (in your original post), and realized that you’ve violated the ToS, I think you’re better off just creating a new gig (instead of contacting CS about it). It doesn’t make much sense, in my opinion, to contact CS (and seek clarification from them) when you’ve already realized your mistake.

I really don’t think you need to contact CS just to send them an apology. You only need to apologize to yourself and learn from this experience (and not repeat it again). :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is something i can agree with. :blush:


im just really anxious i dont want my account to be disabled. it was not my intention to violate anything. :cry:


im not creating any gigs at the moment to be safe. i like it here in Fiverr I hope they dont kick me out because of my silly mistake.


It was only a gig denial, right? Did you receive a ToS warning along with it, too? I think your account should be safe as long as you don’t violate the ToS again (provided you didn’t receive any ToS warnings in the past).


my gig got denied and i received an email about it.

‘ Unfortunately we had to remove your Gig write reviews or video testimonials due to the following reason/s:

  • Third Party TOS violation, Suspicion of fraud or spam
    We kindly ask that you consider the above suggestions when creating a new Gig. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [Fiverr Help Center]
    The Fiverr Team’

this is the first time hopefully the last for me if they dont disable my account :cry::crossed_fingers:t3:


Yeah, I don’t think you’re in any trouble so long as you don’t violate the ToS. They only denied your gig. It doesn’t really seem like you received a penalty/warning from Fiverr (which is good). I think you’re good for now.


i hope :sob::sob: i dont wanna wake up locked out of fiverr. thank you for your answers :slightly_smiling_face: