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My GIG got disappeared from search on all of my keywords

My gig was on top pages of my keywords, not only one keyword but 5 keywords. For few days my gig started to de-rank and now it has disappeared from the search. I have looked from the first to the last page of all of my keywords but this gig is nowhere. However, other gigs are in their position. It was my top GIG, I don’t know what to do.

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Did you update any of your gigs lately?

I updated it weeks back. And after that still it was there. And if it was a ranking issue then it should show somewhere, at least at the last page. but it has just disappeared on all of it keywords. Even if i am writing whole title, it’s not there.

why I ask is if you update a gig it can throw it back off the searches. I have experienced that, but I suggest you take a screenshot of your graph and message help and support with the issue.

What did you do when you were facing the issue. Yes i have contacted support, they are saying that we do not guarantee the ranking. What should I say to them? As it’s totally out of searches. I will be really grateful to you.

The trouble is there are many more people on the platform now, since the virus. This makes it extremely hard for Fiverr to promote everyone. But if your services are good, you will eventually do well. I have stopped looking at my gig impressions and clicks. But I have experienced problems when updating a gig and I try not to do it.

Thank You I really appreciate it.